What Our Clients Say About Us

The following reviews were posted by verified clients on the Vouched For website

"Jane was extremely helpful and upon knowing that I have limited knowledge of pensions, she was able to explain clearly, concisely and without using technical jargon how best to invest my pension pots. She also explained which pots would be best left where they were. I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome and feel more secure as I approach retirement."

"Having paid off my mortgage, I was looking for new ways to develop my savings and retirement plan. Jane reviewed my existing portfolio and made considered suggestions on how to improve. I have been able to see my portfolio of investments grow during a difficult investment period. I don't have to watch over it every day - I have someone who does that for me and I can get on with enjoying life."

"We wanted help with our pension as we didn’t know what our options were. Jane sorted everything out and combined everything into one to give us the best outcome. She also invested our savings. We have been very happy with the outcome."

"I recently became fully self-employed and needed to start paying into my pension and thought it would be a good idea to get some form of income protection. I am also buying a house with my partner and wanted to get life insurance. Emily talked through all the different options, looked at my current pension and was able to give advice on all the areas I needed. She was extremely easy to work with."

"We had to re-mortgage and with having so many different pensions wanted to see what options were available. Jane did a thorough search on every possible outcome for us and made sure we are now in a financially sound position moving forward. A monthly email explains how our plans are going and we now feel that we are back in control of our money."

"I inherited a sum of money and was unsure how to invest it in a way that would benefit both myself and my family. I also had three pensions which I didn't understand. Emily told me what options were available for my pensions and investments. Nothing was too much trouble. Having had professional advice on investments and my pension from Emily has lifted a weight from my shoulders."

"Leaving my previous career to begin a new business venture meant that I needed a personal pension. Emily answered my questions, explored my options with me and challenged me to think about my attitude to risk. She found a good scheme for me, arranged everything and gave me confidence that I was making the right choice."

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