Why Equity Release? 

Today, many of us find ourselves asset rich and capital poor, and more often than not, that wealth is locked up in property.   

Equity Release is a great way for the over 55’s to release the value built up in your home with you being able to remain living there *.  The interest charged on the loan can be repaid on a monthly basis, or left to roll up, with no repayments being required. 

The money released could be used for anything from topping up pension income, helping out family with a cash lump sum or simply just topping up cash reserves to help pay for luxuries or special holidays – it’s really up to you.  

An increasing number of clients are having to fully repay a past Interest Only mortgage -  Equity Release can be considered to help achieve this objective. It can also be a useful tool in respect of Inheritance Tax Planning

Equity Release is not, however, right for everyone. At Jane Newman Financial Planning we ensure that we fully explore your personal and financial circumstances to make sure that it is right for you before making a recommendation. 

We are comprehensive advisers therefore we can provide advice on all Equity Release products that are available to the intermediary market. These products are chosen using our reliable sourcing system. We will collate all the information from you and submit an application to the lender on your behalf. After you have accepted our recommendations we will furnish you with a key facts illustration from the lender and smooth your journey to receiving an offer. For our services we will receive a payment from the lender when your equity release completes and we charge an arrangement fee of £499. 

 Full details can be found on our client agreement and on the key facts illustration**. 

*Upon death or transfer to full time care, the Equity Release loan will be due for repayment. 

** This is a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.