UPDATE 27/03/2020

It is Jane’s intention to put up on our website at least a weekly update.  The office phones have now been diverted directly to Jane so if you would like to speak to her, please do not hesitate to call the usual number.  

We have been a little quiet this week apart from dealing with direct client enquiries as like every other employer in the country, Jane has had to ensure the welfare of her employees.  

Our endeavour going forward is to continue offering our review service as normal and the clients due their reviews in April 2020, will have received the email inviting them to a telephone appointment.  We have worked very hard since our direct authorisation nearly a year ago, implementing new processes and client experiences and we do not intend to let the current situation stop our good work.  We are still receiving new enquiries, mainly from those who are due to retire this year and Jane and Emily will obviously help them and their existing clients.  

Since the email Jane sent last week, a number of clients have contacted us regarding reducing their income at this time.  Jane would like to reinforce the fact that an integral part of financial planning and one she makes sure of with all her clients, is that they have sufficient emergency/rainy day money.  We am sure you will all agree that the rainy day has arrived! 

Some of our clients still have mortgages and most of the mortgage lenders are currently offering a 3 month mortgage holiday and if you refer to your lenders website, it is very clear how to apply for this.  If you need any assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.  I would ask you to consider before applying, the impact this may have on your future payments and I would ask you to carefully read the terms and conditions of your lender carefully, before you commit.   

Many of you have protection plans, for example life assurance and Jane would like to remind you of the importance of keeping your premiums up to date, as a claim may not be considered if premiums are not paid in full. 

The markets have been up and down this week but luckily we have not had to send out any more 10% drop letters this week.  Prudential have made adjustments to their PruFund range but luckily our clients did not tip over the 10% drop threshold. 

The provision we made ahead of Brexit of advising all our clients to move into multi-managed portfolios has proven to be most prudent and you can rest assured that the portfolio providers are making adjustments on a daily basis. 

We will be emailing all documents to you during this period, thereby limiting our postage and we would also encourage you to email us, wherever possible. 

27th March 2020