Update 14/04/20

We here at JNFP are into our 4th week of working from home. We have staff working to help with all enquiries and our review service is running just in a slightly different format to normal. I have spoken to a lot of our clients over the last week to reassure and advise we are still open for business. 

Many of our income drawing clients have taken advice and reassessed their needs and made adjustments where able. We are doing our best to fulfil all requests but are finding it increasingly difficult as some of the providers have shut their phone lines and we are unable to discuss our client’s needs. However, our usual platforms and insurance companies have been able to offer support – this to me indicates we use good providers for our clients and it is at times like this you realise how important it is to use and build quality relationships with the account managers etc.   

The market last week ended up – higher than it had been for a month. I am sure we will continue to see fluctuations as matters proceed through the lock down- however long this may be. 

We have been helping mortgage clients with Product transfers – where their fixed rate has or is going to expire and we secure a new rate for you. We can do this in some cases 4 months before the current rate ends. The lenders we have approached will still offer new rates despite some clients having applied for a mortgage holiday. If you need some help with this please get in touch. 

I hope you all continue to stay safe and we are here if you need us.