Update 07/04/20

At this point I am sure we are all thinking very much of the health of our loved ones - I was quoted in The Times only a month or so ago for saying wealth is the second most important aspect in many people’s lives after health - at the moment both are being challenged simultaneously.

We want to make sure we are staying updated with your current financial positions and this is a little difficult at the moment without our usual face to face reviews, which of course are currently impossible. Please email us with any updates you think may be of value to us in keeping up to speed with your current position - be that good or bad.

The situation we  find ourselves in is very much a global issue. A deep recession can be expected with high unemployment levels and poor economic data ahead. To offset this, a strong policy response (fiscal and monetary) is now in play. Historically markets have always bounced back but I do feel the upturn in the last few days does not indicate the end of the volatility. We are in for a period of uncertainty both for our health and our wealth.We will be continuing to send out your reviews as and when they fall due and we are already seeing clients utilising the new tax year ISA allowances- this market down turn has been seen as an investment opportunity by many.Please stay safe and we here at JNFP send good wishes to all our clients and of course our Prime Minister Boris.